Nutrition Programs

Nutrition is a key component of our program. We focus on KISS [Keep It Simple Sister] and encourage you to get back to the foundation of whole-foods nutrition through monthly challenges, educational webinars, meal guides and weekly tips.

Your Kaia workout is 4% of the day. Our unique combination of nutrition and fitness gives you strength, vitality and energy to live the life you deserve.

Our cookbook is full of hundreds of delicious, whole-foods based recipes that give you the freedom to adjust for your lifestyle.

The tools of our nutritional program allow you to create positive rituals that you can carry throughout your life and pass on to family and friends.

Join our online community and get nutritional support wherever you are!

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What You Get:

  • Kaia Cookbook
  • Nutritionist-Approved Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Nutritional Challenges and Support
  • Health and Physical Assessment
  • N.O.W. [Nutrition Of the Week] Inspiration

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