Fitness Programs

Our program philosophy goes much further than just a fitness workout. We designed Kaia to fit into your schedule, and we welcome you to start anytime. Our year-round program includes three yearly BRIKs that we believe are the cornerstones of health & fitness and can be incorporated into our daily lives. By building a solid foundation of strength, endurance, and nutrition during these six-week BRIK programs, we train our bodies and our minds to take on multiple challenges simultaneously. We carry these foundations [or start building new ones!] into our five-week Core sessions (two in between each Brik Boot Camp). Each session is loaded with innovative workouts and nutritional support that are specific to the season.  

The Kaia FIT program is designed to increase your fitness level and/or to get you excited about exercising and eating healthy. Finding camaraderie during these sessions is a vital component to everyone’s success. The women beside you each day feel exactly what you are feeling and give you the motivation to keep you coming back to class.

Fitness ProgramS

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